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Online Psychic Research | 94% Believe Real Psychic Powers Exist

Online Psychic Research

Real Psychic Powers

Recently we took a voyage into the world of psychic phenomenon and psychic powers.  We explored, in the series Online Guide to Psychic Development, how to attain real psychic powers of clairvoyance and how to enhance your psychic abilities if you are a psychic reader or other such practitioner.  In the past, we have explored the philosophy behind psychic powers (yoga siddhis) in the article Right Way to Acquire Psychic Powers and also available online on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga are several powerful meditation techniques to develop such abilities.  Below is a quick list of the most popular of these techniques to enhance your psychic abilities.

Online Psychic Research

Most Popular Online Techniques for Psychic Development:

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya – Most Powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditation

AUM Mantra Meditation for Psychic Powers

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Doie Ashtapad Jap for Healing & Psychic Powers

Real Psychic People Online Survey:

Finally, we recently ran an interesting online survey to research how many people have actually experienced real psychic powers first hand, or at least have encountered this dimension to believe that such phenomenon exists.  The original survey can be found here: Any Real Psychic People Out There? and here are the results of that research which overwhelmingly gave support to this existence of this phenomenon.

Real Psychic People Research Results:

Thanks to everyone who participated, the survey’s are getting more and more responses and I intuitively feel that these surveys and such research that we are doing will be useful in the future, when more sophisticated instrumentation allows for deeper studies into these subtle dimensions of Reality.

Psychic Experience Survey
Value Count Percent %
I Don’t Have But Believe It Exists 36 45.57%
Yes I Have Some Experience 26 32.91%
Yes I Have Many Experiences 12 15.19%
I don’t Believe It Exist 5 6.33%


Online Psychic Research Graph:


Real Psychic People Online Survey Analysis:

The amount of people that overall believe in psychic powers, either due to personal experience or for some other reason is well over 90%.  About half of all those who responded said they had some personal experience with real psychic phenomenon, as per the requirements laid out in the original survey.  Also, 15% said they were regularly experiencing psychic abilities and about double said that they had at least some psychic experiences.  So amongst us, we certainly have some real psychics .

As I always mention in any article dealing with this topic, psychic powers can be very seductive and one must guard against letting them become the focus of your attention.  In general, aim for the Highest and allow these to come and go as they please.

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