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Psychic People

The recent article, 4 Free Tools for Developing Psychic Powers, created quite a buzz and in reflecting on this topic I wondered how many real psychics are actually out there.  So I thought what better way to find out than to create a Survey and get that answer directly from you all. So for this week’s survey I would like to know how many of you have encountered real psychic or paranormal phenomenon personally, as in within yourself.  In other words, are any of you real psychics?

Specifically, for this survey I would like to know if you feel you have psychic powers and abilities, or feel you have at any time experienced what would be categorized as a psychic event. This would include any real paranormal phenomenon. Such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, extra sensory perception (ESP), telekinesis, levitation, Out of Body Experience, Astral Travel, spirit encounters, mind reading, paranormal healing abilities, possession, teleportation, you see dead people , etc.

So it does not have be that you constantly have such power, it just has to be that you have at some time in your life, definitely had what could only be described as a real psychic event. So if it’s just mild intuition, hypnosis, lucid dreaming, meditative peace, a creative solution, etc, that doesn’t count.  It should really be an experience with indicates the existence of real psychic energies and real psychic and paranormal powers.


Please do participate, all answers are of course anonymous. If you receive my posts via email, or read them via your RSS Feed Reader you may have to visit the website directly in order to submit your response.

1. Do you have any real psychic powers and abilities?



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8 replies
  1. adr3nalin
    adr3nalin says:

    I went to a real psychic one time. She told me many things that were true, have come true and are still happening to me.
    she lives in markham, ontario, canada. She cost me $75.
    Her name is Cindy Bockley. Appointments can be made via her secretary: 1+(416)498-0970

  2. Abby
    Abby says:

    First off, psychic can be derived from psyche. Of the mind. Psychic is a western term. Considering all the ancient esoteric studies from the Order of the Golden Dawn, Hindism, Kabbalah, Native American etc all say our power is in the now. It is in our “mind” we create our reality. I think those that are psychic are those who have fine tuned their senses in all regards over time. “Time” relative to the persons belief system. So if you don’t believe in karma you could have fine tuned your “psychic” ability in this life time. I think we spend too much time trying to label our abilities and we tend to forget we all have the capability to manifest wonderful things. Our differences and abilities lie in our life experiences. Some people are more gifted in these things but I think it not valuable to speculate on who has it or has more of it. We (meaning anyone) could harness this ability. It’s a choice which is part of your internal power and who you are as a Creator. Self-mastery takes a lifetime. Since I believe in the idea of “As above, so below” the psychic is only reflecting what you want they to reflect in that moment. They are your guide based on what’s happening inside you. Any good psychic should always tell you this disclaimer! You’re are powerful and amazing. It is not by grace, it is our universal birthright to be this Magical. Pick your path where you feel you have the most empowerment and be happy. Be well!

  3. jigga
    jigga says:

    Hello To every one

    so here are my psychic powers believe it or not and i am not happy after getting these .

    I know if any thing gone bad to me before any bad incident the whole scene just flashes and the same thing happens in few seconds and i can only decrease the bad effect but can’t stop that and it happens if anything bad happens to me only . And something gonna happen bad with my any family member then i came to know that any thing gonnna bad .

    I can know whats going on at any place which i had visited and whats gonna happen in future there some times if really bad gonna happen there in future .

    i can help people in curing them from some diseases

    these all happen frequently and many are there which i can’t explain

    and thats why i stop meditating but even though it does not get away from me

  4. Ra
    Ra says:

    Yes, became very psychically connected with other people, which even amazed others (skeptics inclusive!), when doing Anmol’s Om/3rd-eye meditation practice for awhile…when i stopped, the effect died down. A lot of synchronicity started up!

  5. Lona
    Lona says:

    I met the most amazing psychic who is well-known for her accuracy. Check out her website at . In this case, I do believe there are some people out there with the abilities to see the past, fortell the future and guide us in our life choices to be the best that we can be.

  6. ed
    ed says:

    by the way, I do believe that the Ajna Chakra and Doei Ashtapad Jap meditations, enabled me to start experiencing what I’ve just stated along with a chakra mantra I learned from another website.

  7. ed
    ed says:

    I don’t see dead people yet (I really hope I don’t start to)…but as I’ve posted in the past, I hear dead people, LOL!

    wailing in the background during intense meditation sessions…but since I’ve pulled back a bit on the time I spend meditating, the wailing stopped.

    sometimes, when people are out of hearing range (so I thought) I still know what they are saying, doesn’t happen all the time but it happens occasionally.

    i’m not sure if I really want to obtain that siddhi (clairaudience, or any other, but levitation, now that would be fun, LOL! ), it seems more of a distraction than anything else.


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