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In the article Elbow Platform – Tough Power Yoga Pose, I detailed for you this unusual yoga pose, which is great for those looking to enhance their power yoga routines.  Today I will present to you a free online video of this great exercise, which should give you a clear picture and demonstration of how to practice this pose.

Although this pose comes from the school of Kundalini Yoga, I also place elbow platform in the category of power yoga exercises as it is very strength oriented and requires a great deal of energy and vigor to do.  It is not a pose suitable for beginners and some caution should be exhibited when doing this posture.  In particular, if you have lower back issues or weak hamstrings you should be particularly careful in doing this pose.  Also, like most other power yoga exercises and routines, it is good to warm-up prior to trying this exercise.

Power Yoga

In the video below I have demonstrated an advanced version of this yoga pose, and needless to say you should be fairly advanced and strong before trying that variation.

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To fellow yoga teachers, as I have mentioned above, this is an advanced pose so be sure you select the right class to teach it in.  The best way to modify the pose is to allow the students the luxury to rest whenever they need to and come back into the pose once they are ready.  Also, remember that Breath of Fire is excellent to do with this pose and a natural fit for it.

This pose is useful to both Yoga Teacher’s Training and Certification Program and Meditation Certification Program students, and feel free to teach it to your students as you find suitable.

Power Yoga Video – Elbow Pose Details:

  • The video gives a full demonstration of Power Yoga Elbow Platform Pose.
  • It explains how this pose works the upper and lower body simultaneously.
  • It teaches the advanced version of this exercise.
  • It discusses the benefits of this pose, along with other details about the technique.
  • Please note if you have trouble viewing the video from here, I have provided the YouTube link as well which you can use.

Free Online Power Yoga Video – Elbow Platfrom


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