Activating Kundalini During Meditation to Still the Mind

For those seeking the Highest results in meditation, activation of Kundalini is a great way to achieve the same. Through this, you can experience a deep and meaningful comprehension of thoughts. The dualistic mind is penetrated and there is a sense of blissful oneness. An active Kundalini is the source of a great amount of energy, which can work wonders to still the mind. This meditation practice will mostly be of interest to advanced practitioners, but beginners can try it as well.

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Activating Kundalini During Meditation to Still the Mind

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Transcript for Activating Kundalini During Meditation to Still the Mind:

Namaste, my friends!

Today, we are going to discuss an advanced topic with regard to meditation. This can be tried by beginners but generally this is something that advanced practitioners will be most interested in, for if you have been meditating seriously, and you are looking for the highest results that meditation bestows, that is the penetration of the dualistic mind and for experiencing the blissful oneness that is occluded by the movement of thoughts. If you have been attempting to do this, you will notice that what is required in order for this insight to explode and for the comprehension of thoughts to take place such that the mind collapses, the tremendous amount of energy often called Kundalini.

So, in meditation how can you invoke the necessary energy to be able to do this particularly profound action? So, the methodology that I’m going to present here, again I want to be a little bit cautious, please do so only up to the degree that you are comfortable. You are going to do the following four things in order to drive energy your Kundalini during meditation up into the brain centers so that you may be able to see the faults in the faults. You’re going to apply root lock. You are going to apply neck lock. You’re going to hold your breath in and you’re going to hold your eyeballs very still. The eyes and breath are very closely connected to the mind and with regard to root lock, and neck lock is to drive the energy up the spine. This happens naturally for those of us who meditate but you can utilize these four mechanisms to encourage the flow of energy if indeed you are noticing that you require the energy and it is not being invoked during a particular session. So again, we are going to apply root lock. What is that?

Root lock is the constriction of the rectum, the sex organ, and lower navel. You’re going to pull them in and you’re going to hold them tight. Second, your spine should already be state already be straight. You’re going to pull your chin back slightly like a soldier at attention, aligning the back of the head with the spine. Third, you’re going to have a deep breath. You’re going to hold that breath and fourth, you’re going to hold the eyeballs very, very still as you then drive this energy up into the brain centers and attack the thinking mind with everything you’ve got so that you can comprehend it from moment to moment. So again, go lock. I’m doing it now, neck lock, deep breath in, my eyeballs are still, and I’m using that energy that is being driven up so that higher intelligence can be brought to bear to comprehend the thinking mind from moment to moment and for the mind to see itself as a root cause of the problem and therefore, cease or suspend. More on that in another video. Again, hold your breath only as long as it’s comfortable. Same goes for holding root lock. Don’t do more than you feel comfortable doing and build up slowly over time.

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Thank you, everybody.

God bless you all.


Activating Kundalini during meditation involves driving the energy up into the brain to attack the thinking mind. The higher intelligence is unlocked, which enables comprehension of the thinking mind from moment to moment. This, in turn, calms the mind and makes it possible to experience blissful oneness in a wholesome manner.

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