Silent Mind

Silent Mind Meditation Program: Summary: Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Silent Mind Meditation Program: Summary          

The Silent Mind Meditation Program can be summarized by one phrase, “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”.  The Knocking on Heaven’s Door is the seeing from moment to moment the Fact within in operation, and this is your responsibility.  Beyond the knocking, everything you try to do just perpetuates the status quo.  The doors of Heaven cannot be forced open – they must open on their own.  The mind must, seeing its own limitations, get out of the way, then that which is beyond can come into being.       

Silent Mind

What you are being asked to do, you will realize, is not complex but it is arduous.  It is difficult not only because the mind is elusive, subtle and quick, but also because you have to drop the attachments you have been tightly holding onto for a very long time.  These ego-centric attachments have been keeping you occupied your whole life and unless they are purged, the rest of your life will also be spent catering to them.  If the consequence of such a self-centered life was meaningful then there would be no need for SM or any other meditation practice.  SM is only needed because spending your whole life seeking the fleeting pleasures gained through the fulfillment of these petty desires is a criminal waste of existence – a real tragedy.  So enough has been said, it is time to act, it is time to be a light onto yourself.  Good luck and best wishes on your journey back to the Source.

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Hello Anmol!
    I`m beginning the 3rd week of SM meditations but i do not know what is happening with me. You speaking about non attachment yes? Desire of truth… How much sense in that words, but i do not know, i do not have such a strong feeling. I`ve another feeling that i wish to have – love, and if you call it “Back to Source” or knocking on heaven`s door it means that after this i`ll be not here… I do not want to lose my loved girl in future just for truth, the thought about losing loved girl deliver a massive damage to me.
    But recently i`ve began to notice strange things happen to me, for example – i`ve tried the SAT NAM technique for rising kundalini and found that after 1-6 minutes i can move things without a touch to 10 milimeters.

    I do not wish to lose my girl in future beacause of truth…
    Can you give me an advise? I simply can`t understand the way of things…


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