SM Meditation Program: 10 Benefits of SM: Chapter 19

Chapter 19

SM Meditation Program: 10 Benefits of SM          

Although the primary focus of the Silent Mind Meditation Program is to still your mind of thoughts and awaken you to the Truth of non-duality, there are many other side benefits along the way.  Although there are some who practice meditation and yoga simply for these benefits, the recommendation is to go for the highest, and treat the benefits that come along the way as gravy.  Below is a list of some of these additional rewards… 

1.      Good Health & Stress Reduction: 

Doing the SM meditation program will almost certainly improve your health and physical wellbeing.  It does this for a myriad of reasons.  We will briefly touch upon a few here.  Obviously the physical yoga and pranayam will help (and the benefits of each exercise have been explained in the sets) but the value of the mediations with regard to good health should not be underestimated.  The meditations (especially the basic meditations) put the mind-body complex in a state of relaxed alertness which is ideal for self healing to take place.  In this state, the body’s natural healing capability is vastly enhanced, thus being able to work its magic more effectively.  Much of the spontaneous, miracle like healing that takes place in the unwell who turn to spirituality, can be attributed to this phenomenon.  In addition, during meditation when the conscious mind is silenced, psychological wounds and other negative emotions that are kept locked up in the subconscious mind are allowed to rise and be released.  This prevents these unresolved negative emotions from expressing themselves as disease and illness which is often the path they take if they remain suppressed.  Finally SM, over time, reduces anxiety and stress by teaching you to live in the present and this state of peaceful, happy living is the biggest boon to good health.

2.      Excellent Brain Function: 

SM meditation is a very effective and powerful tool for improving one’s brain functions significantly.  The demands of SM sharpen intelligence and awareness considerably, along with honing one’s logical and analytical systems.  One’s memory and retrieval pathways are also improved and overall one finds the mind clear and precise.  The improvements are sometimes gained in a very short time and are often unmistakable.  One way to gauge these changes is by observing the eloquence in your speech and clarity in your dialogues.

3.      Balance: 

Although we have somewhat downplayed these “side benefits” of SM, it is hard to say that balance, one of the rarest qualities, is just gravy.  It’s just that in the context of the Truth, it is incomparable.  We all have imbalances within us;  we all have some degree of neurosis.  SM automatically starts to correct these.  As time passes you will find that you are not tripping over the same bad habits and personality flaws as you had been in the past.  You will see clearly better psychological and emotional balance emerge over time.

4.      Confidence: 

One of the key components of SM is confidence and many aspects of the program work to increase it as well as the related attribute of willpower.  Hopefully, when you come to the point of having to jump out of the known, SM would have built in you the necessary courage and self-belief to do so.

5.      Character: 

Another quality that SM develops that is hard to downplay is character.  Character means to live with integrity and dignity.  To have the strength to bear the difficulties of life with a smile.  To be able to follow through on one’s word and do what one sets one mind to.  To not have behavior betray belief.  To be reliable and dependable.  To be responsible for oneself and the needs of others.  Hard to downplay all that.

6.      Charisma: 

This is one of the really nice side affects of the program.  It is probably due to an overall affect of the changes that SM brings about.  Like some of the other changes you will find in yourself, the emergence of a charismatic personality is unmistakable.  Some of this charisma can be attributed to your being at ease with yourself and being self-sufficient and happy.  Being thus relaxed and not needy you will be at the giving end of the spectrum, able to respond fully to the requirement of the moment and others.  Other aspects of the program contributing to this magnetic personality is the pranayam and energy work that enhances the presence and force of your being.

7.      Discover Your Purpose & Gifts: 

As you start to drop those aspects of you that are artificial and pretentious you will get a chance to see the real you.  The parts that are not put on but are natural.  This will give you insight into who you really are and what you really love in life.  That is the secret of mastering the art of living and discovering your true talents, gifts and purpose.  That which you love, you do for its own sake without the need for reward of accolades.  Once this is discovered, life can be lived with passion, zeal and independence.

8.      Improved Relationships: 

The attributes of sensitivity and non-attachment as discussed in phase 3 are the keys to why SM is so helpful in the complex world of relationships.  Sensitivity is obviously a necessary component in having good relations.  It promotes thoughtfulness, affection and forgiveness, but equally important and perhaps a little more subtle is the need for non-attachment.  Non-attachment does not mean apathy, non-attachment means not being dependent on the other for personal fulfillment.  Being dependent will lead to fear.  The fear of loosing the pleasure or security that the other provides or of the pain the other can impart.  This fear creates an underlying resentment that prohibits love from flowering.  Not only is attachment to the other a seed for problems but also it is attachments in general that introduce conflict and suffering.  Attachment to one’s image, reputation, possessions etc. all lay the groundwork for fear and conflict in relationships.  SM dissolves these attachments and allows for relationships to be based on love and adoration instead.

9.      Transcendental States:

Often “mystical” and “energy” (Kundalini) experiences occur during one’s practice.  These are undeniably interesting.  They give one a glimpse into the deepest secrets of the universe, but what they are most valuable for, is their ability to inspire.  In addition, the profound nature of these experiences puts into perspective the meaninglessness of material pleasures and are useful in breaking our attachments to them.

10.  Yogic & Psychic Powers:  

These psychic powers tend to arise later in one’s practice and can at times be useful in helping others and oneself to make progress on the spiritual path.  Such powers should not be misused obviously, and also importantly acquiring them should not become the focus of one’s practice.  Continue to go after that which is eternal and timeless, even awesome powers are nothing in comparison.

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5 replies
  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Expert,

    Yogic powers are not the focus of SM, although they do come in time. I cannot say which powers you will gain through SM, but mine have been in the form of being able to see the unseen (such as the complete content of consciousness), remarkable insights and access to guidance from within. In addition powers of communication and creativity were greatly enhanced, beyond the ordinary.

    I would suggest to you to practice SCK and AUM Mantra Meditation Technique if you are very interested in yogic powers.

    All Good Wishes,

  2. expertofexpert
    expertofexpert says:

    you say you do SM for 20 years how long did it took for you to get yogic powers and what kind of powers do you have? And what would you advice me to do SM or SCK? or can i use them both?

  3. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi Dan,

    These are the benefits I have experienced with this system of meditation. The rate at which individuals obtain these results in unique to them. What I can say though is that meditation and yoga really did surprise me with how beneficial it turned out to be :-D.



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