Spiritual Short Story

Spiritual Short Story – The Library of God

Spiritual Short Story

The Library of God – A Zen Story

It’s been some time since I wrote my last Spiritual Story, The Secrets of the Universe – A Zen Story, and my creative side is itching again to be expressed, so here is another zen tale to entertain and enlighten.  To find my other spiritual short stories here on Mastery of Meditation & Yoga, just visit the Spiritual Stories category.

Spiritual Short Story

Spiritual Short Story – The Library of God:

The most revered building at No Wind monastery was a quiet, humble structure that stood at the outskirts of the grounds and boasted the sign, The Library of God.  The monks knew this building was a special place, not only because they could feel the divine vibrations just by being near it, but also because all the special monks who Zen Master Blumise had allowed into the library, always came out enlightened.

The strange thing about the library though, was that no one knew which books it held.  You see, whenever an enlightened monk emerged from the library, and was asked which books he/she had had the privilege to read there, the monk always just smiled and said, “You will see when your time comes”.  Of course, there were plenty or rumors about which books were in the great library.  The original Vedas some said, perfect version of the Diamond Sutra said others, it was the purest Bible, the best Koran, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, etc, etc.  In fact, the most recent rumor was that it was a special text left behind by a now extinct civilization!  In short, the theories were many, but the facts were none.

All the monks worked very hard on their spiritual growth hoping to be picked to enter this sacred library.  You see, it was well understood that only advanced monks, who were ripe for enlightenment, were chosen by Master Blumise and this was an opportunity the monks desperately wanted.  Such a day finally arrived for Monk Shanti.  She had spent many years at the monastery and Master Blumise now felt she was ready for the final step in her journey.

Shanti’s good friend monk Chin, wished her good luck as she stepped through the hallowed doors to spend the next few weeks in isolation in the legendary library.  As she walked in, she was amazed by the overwhelming sacred atmosphere that permeated the entire building.  The very air was holy and just being there, she felt the blessings of a thousand saints.  In front of her was a great hall, “The Only Book You Need to Read”, was etched above it’s entrance and in the center of the great hall, sat a silent zafu*.  The silent zafu was the only object in the entire library.  Shanti smiled as she as made her way to the zafu, her attention now fully focused on her mind and thoughts.

*zafu: zen meditation cushion

Analysis of the Library of God:

I cannot emphasize enough that the book you must read in this life is your own mind.  In fact for enlightenment, it is the only book you really need to pay attention to.  As Osho puts it, “My meditation is a method of being aware – of what ever you are doing, thinking, feeling.  On all three layers you have to become aware.”  So today decide you are going to watch carefully everything that you think, feel and do.  Today, decide that you are not going to miss.  Today decide that you are not going to be lazy and make the effort required to stay vigilant (read: True Meaning of Laziness).  Today you will watch each and every thought.

In zen there is a saying, “One Breath taken consciously is worth ten thousand taken unconsciously.”  So today be conscious. When you are aware of what is taking place within and without, you build a special energy in you.  The more aware you are, the more this energy builds.  The air in the Library of God was saturated with holy vibrations, for it had been home to this energy of awareness.  In time, your place of spiritual practice will also be blessed in this way, and more importantly you too will be blessed in this way.

God Bless You!

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7 replies
  1. Shobha
    Shobha says:

    I enjoy and benefit every time I read it😳
    Prayerful blessings and hearty love
    Your a follower & admirer 😍😊☺️😳

  2. Short Stories
    Short Stories says:

    Some really interesting stuff here, and thanks for the story. Now I just need to look for this book…

  3. shobha
    shobha says:

    A very nice story. It says a lot , without mentioning much. Be aware, be conscious, are amazing guide- lines to keep life on track.Thanks. God bless you.

  4. Kaushik | beyond-karma
    Kaushik | beyond-karma says:

    Excellent story! That we have awareness and all experience is in the Now seems like an obvious thing, and yet it takes most of us years of suffering to learn it. At some point, we all stop wagging our finger at the world and curl it towards our own minds.


  5. Chris Cade | Spiritual Stories
    Chris Cade | Spiritual Stories says:

    What a delight! I was reading and enjoying the story… and then I saw your mention of my website. It was like having my cake and eating it too :) Thank you!

    Now, setting my childlike delight aside… this story is very resonant with where I’m at in my own spiritual journey. I have found that being observant of my mind, especially in social situations, is providing great challenges and a fertile ground for spiritual development.

    To be able to discern the different feelings, emotions, thoughts, and know whether they are arising from the present moment or from the past is a very enlightening experience. It’s also kind of entertaining to not take my thoughts so seriously.

    It reminds me of a Dan Millman workshop I recently attended where he kept referring to himself as “This Dan Millman character.” It just highlights that once we understand our mind as a character in the play of our life, we can begin to see the play itself with more clarity.


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