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Tantra Yoga Practice | Tantric Yoga Technique for Sexual Mastery

Tantra Yoga Practice

Vajroli Tantric Yoga Technique for Sex Chakra

Kundalini tantra yoga practice is essentially the high art of awakening the chakras to promote rapid spiritual advancement and personal mastery.  It is is a misunderstanding to think of tantra yoga as just sexual yoga.  Although there is an entire segment of this science dedicated to the use of sex as a means of awakening kundalini to accelerate spiritual evolution, tantra yoga is much more than just that.  In fact, Kundalini Yoga (Hindu or Sikh versions) is actually Kundalini Tantra Yoga, and is essentially the use of tantric techniques to purify the body, balance the chakras and awaken kundalini.

The Tantra Yoga technique that I will detail today, is an example of a tantric technique which falls into the subcategory of sexual tantra, but as you will see, it is consistent with the overall aim of tantra yoga practice, which is to purify and balance the chakra system.  If you are not familiar with chakras, you can first read the following article: Kundalini Yoga Seven Chakra System Overview.

Previously I have detailed a very powerful tantic technique, which when practiced sincerely and consistently, helps you raise the vibration of your sexual energy and helps you master your sexual dimension.  You can read the details of that technique in the article: Ultimate Tantric Yoga Technique to Raise Sexual Energy – Sat Kriya.  The practice I will detail today, is more subtle than Sat Kriya, but it is also an excellent tantric technique to help you harness and master your sexual energies.  This technique is called Vajroli Mudra, and it is a fundamental part of tantra yoga practice.

Tantra Yoga

Below I have detailed the benefits of this technique, provided step-by-step instructions on how to practice it and also provided some practical hints and tips for it.  This tantra yoga technique is part of both Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga and so will be included in our Free Online Hatha Yoga Poses and the Free Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises e-books as well.

Vajroli Mudra – Tantra Yoga Practice Benefits:

  • Helps to awaken and balance the Sex Chakra (Swadhisthan Chakra).
  • Stimulates Kundlaini.
  • Helps you master your sexual energies and sexual drive.
  • Corrects sexual dysfunctions such as impotence and erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves sperm strength and sperm count.
  • Helps improve sexual function and balances hormonal levels.
  • Develops self-expression, creativity and sensuality.

Beginner’s Tantra Yoga Practice – Vajroli Mudra:

  • Sit in any easy meditation pose.
  • Take 5 deep slow breaths.  This will relax your body and mind.
  • Elongate your spine upwards, lengthen your neck and subtly bring your chin back and in, like a soldier at attention.  This will align the spine with the back of your head.
  • Inhale deeply, hold your breath and contract your urethra muscle.  This is the muscle you contract when you are holding back from urinating.  Contracting this muscle is the act of pulling it up and inwards.
  • Hold the contraction and your breath in for a count of 5 seconds.  Then release the contraction and exhale.
  • Repeat this cycle for 5 more rounds.

Advanced Tantra Yoga Practice – Vajroli Mudra:

  • After you are able to comfortably isolate the muscle and hold for 5 seconds you can increase the time of contraction to a level you are comfortable with and also increase the number of rounds to 10.

Female Tantra Yoga Practice – Sahajoli Mudra

  • The female version of this tantric technique is called Sahajoli Mudra and it involves the same muscle contraction as the male version (the urethra muscle).  In the male the testes will move slightly, while in the female the labia will move slightly when applying this mudra.

Hint & Tips for Vajroli / Sahajoli Tantra Yoga Practice:

  • Unlike Sat Kriya, this tantric technique is more subtle and requires mental focus and concentration to master.  This is primarily because for this technique to be most effective you must be able to contract the urethra exclusively and not engage the other genital and sexual muscles.  It takes time to develop this aspect of the technique so have patience and persist.
  • This tantric technique is easily practiced anywhere and at any time, so you can find many opportunities throughout your day to develop your expertise.
  • A good Kundalini Yoga set of exercise for sexual health can be found here as well: Yoga Exercises for Sexual Health.  A tantric technique to prolong sexual intercourse can be found here: Effective Tantra Yoga Technique to Prolong Sexual Intercourse.

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