Real Inspiring Stories

True Inspirational Stories of God Realization

Real Inspiring Stories

Experiences of God Realization

Previously I provided real life testimonials from readers who were practicing the techniques on the website and making progress towards health, happiness and God Realization, but in this series I will provide some truly inspirational stories of some mind blowing experience readers have written to me about.

One of the great blessings and privileges of running a large spiritual blog is that I get to befriend some truly remarkable people, whose experiences and life stories are not just astonishing, but also incredibly inspiring and enlightening.  With their permission I am honored to share with you the great insights they have acquired and I hope you are as equally encouraged by these testimonials as I am.

Real Inspiring Stories

One of the key challenges in spiritual progress, is to keep going and see it through to the very end, and to help us stay on the path, such inspiring people and inspiring stories are very helpful.  All I can say after reading so many incredible tales is that life is a great mystery, and that our self-indulgent, endlessly busy mind only sees a very small fraction of the great wonder that this Universe holds.  I can also say that the more I realize, the more I am awed by the unfathomable power and grace of God.

The experience described below is from just such a friend I have made through the blog, who thankfully takes the time out to share with me some of the sights and sounds of his spiritual journey. 

How special is he?  He will say he is not special, only God is.  How do I know this?  When I asked him if I should credit him with the quote, his reply was the following:

There is no need to use my name for the article because God deserves all the credit.  He is all and He is in all, nothing is separate from Him.

Not even a single breath belongs to us, we are alive and the whole creation is running due to His grace.

But sadly most of us have forgotten Him because we are so busy with our little “I”.

Forget his story about God Realization, that reply in itself is inspirational .  In any case, below you find a description of some true spiritual experiences that my friend has generously shared with us.  His real life story is full of great insights and below the excerpt, I highlight some of them in the summary section.

My friend writes:

Since my spiritual practice I have progressed well and wanted to share with you one of my spiritual experiences during meditation.  I hear the sound “OM” coming from my heart chakra, sometimes during and after meditation I feel tremendous happiness without any reason and I am in that blissful state for hours or days.

During meditation I become thoughtless.  There is no thoughts, no mind, no physical body and there is me who is just an awareness watching the whole process.  I see that I am not the body and mind, and that my own personality is just a fake illusion of mind and ego.

One of the most interesting experiences I had was that one day during meditation first I started to see some white and golden lights in my forehead.  After that the lights where everywhere.  Then a very beautiful and radiant lady appeared before me and her presence was very peaceful.

She looked like an Indian deity but I could not recognize her then she chanted some mantras and at that moment my state of consciousness was pushed to a very high state.  Its difficult for me to explain in words that high state of consciousness, only through experience one can understand it.

When I was in that high state of consciousness I could see the whole universe as me.  I could feel that the whole universe and every living being is part of me.  I was every animals, insects, mountain, plant, water, sea etc.  Practically I was part of everything.

During that high state of consciousness I realized that I am immortal.  I am not the body or mind, I am Atma all transcending eternal being.

This experience has changed and taught me many things.  Now I have a lot of respect for every living being and there is no fear of death.

In this world, people run after their desires like money, name, fame etc.  And the list of their desires is endless.  Even if a person achieves their material goals, after a little time he becomes unhappy like before and wants more and more.

People don’t realize that desires will only lead to more suffering and unhappiness.

We all know that when we come and go from this transitory world we never take with us the material things, name, fame etc.  So why are we running behind all these things which will perish with time.  The root cause of all this is our desires and attachments, which are created by our own mind.

It is very true that the mind creates bondage and also, the mind leads one to true liberation.  But for that one has to bring the mind under control with arduous spiritual practice and the most important thing is the purest longing to realize God.  Only then God will reveal himself to that soul.

We should all give thanks to God for giving us the greatest gift of life because now we are born like human beings.  Who knows how many incarnations we have to go through before taking birth as a human being and so we should use this life very wisely.

I bow to the lotus feet Lord for bestowing his grace upon me.

Om Namah Shivaya

True Inspirational Story Highlights:

I don’t know what not to highlight from the above note .  It is so packed with wisdom and inspiration that it is hard to pick and choose.  But, in any case, here are some points from the experiences that are worth reiterating.

1. Witnessing Consciousness:

Develop your witnessing consciousness, be constantly Mindful.  Learn to simply be a witness to all that is taking place.  I have written about this many times, most recently in the article Shri Ramana Maharishi Teachings on Meditation.  In my view, this is the most important spiritual practice of all. 

2. Live in Peace and with Compassion:

This is something you can aspire to, regardless of whether you have mind blowing enlightenment experiences or not.  Respect all of life and please stop fighting with each other.  This whole world is yours.  It is a integral part of you.  It is you. 

The following 3 article delve into this more deeply.  But for starters, live in peace.

The Miracle of Self Awareness – I AM ALL

The Secret to Compassion

How to Live Life

3. God Realization – Self Realization:

The greatest blessing one can have is an abiding passion for the Truth or God.  If you have this, you have all you need to fulfill your purpose on Earth.

More on the importance of this passion in the following article:

Silent Mind Meditation Program – Passion

4. Suffering:

As my friend points out clearly above, the root cause of all suffering is desire and attachments, and there are no end to desires.  So evaluate how you wish to spend your energy and time in this precious life God has blessed you with.

The articles below discuss this topic further:

Money Money Money Mantra and the Path to Enlightenment 

Role of Money, Pleasure and Career in Spirituality

5. Inspiration:

The reason I have started this series is to help inspire you and keep your passion for God Realization burning bright.  I hope you find it motivating and stay tuned for more true stories from readers just like you.

If you have some stories of yours you would like to share, please feel free to email me at

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7 replies
  1. jabu
    jabu says:

    Thank you very much. I am so fascinated by the words God is all and is in all. Just before end of last year, in between sleep and awake state I felt someone’s presence around me and asked who it was and the answer was: “I am everything, and there is nobody else and nothing else”.

    .Y request is this: I am so deep in debts and so easily tempted by things of the world(especially addiction habits) but want to be pure before God. I am scared. I want to know my purpose according to God,s will and do exactly that. I believe it might not be easy but really want to be right with God. Please advise! This was not the very first time I heared an extra ordinary wordsm about two years back I heared this: “be all the gate you and I can be”. Till today, I don’t really understand the meaning. I’ll wait for feedback. But once again, the message is so encouraging and inspiring and I truly thank you a lot!

  2. vinay
    vinay says:

    This article helps me a lot to understand the true potential of consciousness and god realization. I am a person who don’t generally believe in these this, but after reading this I would say that I have made a second thought.

  3. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    I just re-read the article and wanted to add another point specifically about desire and attachments. I noticed that so far all emotion I’ve evaluated is in fact a reaction based on desire and attachment.

    Happy when you get what you want, angry or sad when you don’t. To go beyond this is to live for the benefit of all beings much more effectively.

    Great post Anmol, you really put a lot of thought in to it, I hope it inspires people to strive for their very best. Anyone of us can realise the truth if we have all the tools and prioritise our spiritual progress enough.

  4. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    This is exactly where my progress has come to now. And as such have realised that whatever we do with the primary intention to glorify ourselves is based on a misconception of what we really are. Once you know the path, it’s a matter of walking it. Once you realise what you really are, and more importantly are not, then miracles have room to be manifested, to glorify our true root, Yahweh, Attman, God whatever you want to call it. Truly knowing your friend is more important than getting their name right.


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