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I remember clearly the unusual energetic experience I had the first time I took a Hatha Yoga class.  The class was held at my High School in Old Bridge, New Jersey during the summer community programs that the township would hold.  The teacher was very good and as I was doing one of the poses, I felt a current of incredible energy surging through parts of my body.  It was really quite an amazing experience, very pleasurable, and it was the first time I had felt something of that extra ordinary nature.  I spoke to the teacher about it after class, and she explained that it was a positive sign to have such an experience, and that it was not uncommon for those who practiced yoga to have such energy experiences or spiritual experiences.  So for all who think yoga is just physical exercise, it’s time to wake-up .

Luckily such experiences have continued to be a part of my life and frankly, they are the nectar of my life.  Many such experiences reveal the hidden aspects of Reality, promoting insight and understanding, and almost all are quite amazing and extra ordinary.  Some of them are very spiritual in nature, while others are just the experience of pure energy and vibration.  In addition, although they come in great variety, some do visit more often than others and I enjoy them like the company of an old friend. 

Spiritual Yoga Experiences

These days, as I am on vacation, I have the opportunity to devote more of my energy to the spiritual dimension, and this invariably leads to more openings and spiritual experiences.  Over the last few days my old friend the Smile of the Buddha experience paid a visit, which I wrote about in the article 7 Rapid Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Practice, as have other experiences of great bliss, energy and vibration.  You can read more about such experience of mine in the following category Spiritual Enlightenment Experiences

Enough about me though .  In this article I want to share with you the amazing spiritual and energy experiences other online yogis are having while practicing the yoga techniques from the website.  Below you will find their true stories about such extra ordinary experiences, and I have also listed the yoga techniques they were using which prompted these experiences to take place.  Other than inspiring you with you own yoga practice, I am sharing these experiences with you so that if you are having strange and unusual experiences due to your spiritual practice, realize that you are not a mental patient, and that this is completely normal and to be expected .

Experience:  Amazing Energy Experience and Chakra Openings

Technique:   Yoga Pranayamas

Yogi Writes:

(I strongly recommend using the time before sleep for spiritual practice and have written about this often.  You can read about this in the following articles, 3 Simple Tips to Invite Enlightenment and Item #7 in the 10 Things You Should Daily for a Happy and Meaningful Life).

I came across your website around 15 days back and if I start telling you the changes that have occurred in my daily routine and in my life since then, that email will be too long to read :). Anyways, thanks a lot for your website. Now lets come to the point. I have been doing Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Sudarshan Kriya and Breath of fire among other pranayams. Now, I do all these sitting down in lotus position. Nowadays when I go to bed, I tend to concentrate on my breathing just to calm down my thoughts and eventually go to sleep. But I tend to go in to a deep meditation state. I am calling it deep because the feeling that I get from that, I have never experienced before. Now I remember the first night I was doing the concentration on breathing I got a sort of current flowing in my body in the lower back and coming out of anus. I was frightened and immediately came out. Then I decided not be afraid and carry on. So now I have been enjoying this mediation a lot. While in meditation, I feel a sort of fluid flowing near the muladhara and swadhisthana area of spinal cord. And, my body is filled with immense vibrations and frankly I enjoy it a lot.

Experience:  Fiery Kundalini Awakening and Rising

Technique:   Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

Yogi Writes:

(One of the fastest techniques for awakening Kundalini is Anuloma Viloma Pranayama.  Don’t over do it.  Go slow and balance your practice with physical yoga as well).

I had a strange experience. I had hot flashes periodically during the night. I could feel the heat surge from my back to the top of my head and peak at the center point of the roof of the head.

Experience:  Fascinating Spontaneous Yoga Movements (Kriyas)

Technique:   Third Eye 

Yogi Writes:

(Coming spontaneously into such yoga positions and going through yoga movements and kriyas is often reported.  This is found more often with those experiencing a Kundalini Awakening of some kind).

Two days ago i was doing the kundalini awakening and while resting in corpse pose i felt a sound like the sound of tires on road when car is moving and pressure in my ears, almost 30 seconds. I just stayed calm and felt normal after wards. Today when doing my meditations i experienced something new, i felt a force moving my hands, was a bit startled at first but waited it out. My arms felt moved to raised positions but it only felt natural to be in those positions,it was like someone is holding them and guiding of into those positions. 

Experience:  Beautiful Spiritual Yoga Experiences

Technique:   Jesus Pose and Kirtan Kriya 

Yogi Writes:

(All of what is described below is reported often during spiritual experiences.  Light, vibrations, the circular movements, etc.  In addition, the subtle experience of Mudras is also some times felt, although this is not as common).

My first full “in the moment” experience was while doing jesus pose – a wheel of light appeared between my arms with shadow figures jumping through it.  After that, I was more and more able to slip into the moment, until my consciousness of my body began to dissolve in vibrations, light, and sometimes clockwise, sometimes counter-clockwise, sometimes both at once, feelings/visualizations of circular motion. 

It was while doing your most recent Kirtan Kriya meditation that I experienced the power of mantras and mudras.  Not only did I slip very easily into a sense of the vibration and light, but each combination of sound and finger position produces immediate and distinct effects.  My mood also became more level, which I particularly valued after a period of stress.

Experience:  More Spontaneous Yoga Kriyas and Vibrations

Technique:   Chanting

Yogi Writes:

(Swaying is the most common reports I get in terms of spontaneous movements during yoga or meditation practice.  Also, vibrations and light are the also the common physical symptoms that are often reported back to me as a result of yoga practice).

When I chant I can feel the vibration throughout my entire body, but especially in my hands…mostly the fingertips.  Today was the first time I felt my body begin to sway a little.

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