Yoga for Weight Loss | 5 Weight Loss Pitfalls Yoga Helps You Avoid

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Is Weight Loss a goal for you for next year?  If so, this video is for you.  In it we will deep dive into the 5 main reasons it is difficult to lose weight and keep it off.  We will then explore how Yoga deals with these 5 most common pitfalls of a weight loss program, so that you can be equipped with the right knowledge and techniques to help you achieve your ideal weight and body shape.

Losing weight, burning fat and getting fit and healthy is a very rewarding experience.  Furthermore, being able to keep the weight off and maintain your figure is equally important and comes with it’s own challenges.  So to help you accomplish both, losing the excess weight AND keeping it off, the techniques yoga offers are invaluable.

In addition to the Yoga for Weight Loss video I have also provided the full transcript below.  Often readers prefer to read though the content, rather than watch videos, I know I do at times :-).

Also, please note I have provided important links to the techniques which the video details that are essential for avoiding the weight loss mistakes and being successful.

Yoga Best for Weight Loss YouTube Video

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1. Beginner’s Yoga for Weight Loss:

2. Yoga for Emotional Balance:

3. Pranayama to break addictions:

4. Yoga for Toning Stomach and Building Willpower:

5. Meditation for Beginners:

Transcript of Yoga for Weight Loss Video:

Namaste my friends. Today, we’re going to discuss five reasons why weight loss programs often fail and how yoga and meditation can help you in avoiding these pitfalls.

So, the first and most obvious reason for not losing weight is not burning enough calories and not doing the right amount of exercise, and what I’ve found is those who are looking to lose weight are often not in very good shape or perhaps unhealthy in some ways that prevents them from attending a rigorous aerobic program at the gym or starting a resistance training program, cross training program, etc.

So, to get started in your journey and beginning and begin losing the necessary calories, yoga is very helpful. This is because there is a wide range of exercises and sets that yoga offers that can suit your level of fitness. If you are very out of shape, there are easy postures and exercises that you can begin with, and then as your health improves, you can, I assure you, find challenging sets that are quite vigorous, that will help you continue to burn unnecessary calories for you to be able to lose weight and reshape your body.

I want to mention here quickly that in the information section of this video, I offer links to these various sets and they are free and you may go ahead and see which of these suits you so you can begin your fat burning aspect of your weight loss program.

Now, second reason why weight loss programs often derail is because there is a problem emotionally that has led one to use eating as an escape. Now, this is where Yoga, along with meditation and the sister science of Pranayama can be very helpful in helping you regain your emotional balance. There are specific exercises that help purge traumas, hurts, and various blockages within you that lead to these emotional imbalances and clearing your system in this way and achieving emotional balance, achieving the joy and peace that yoga meditation bring can really help overcome this problem of emotional eating.

Now, closely aligned with this second reason is the third. And that is having unhealthy patterns and addictions that, really make it difficult for you to sustain your weight loss program and achieve your weight loss goals over a long period of time, maintain that ideal weight for a long period of time. And, to tackle this, specifically in the field of Pranayama or breathing exercises, there are very specific such exercises to help break addictions and also there are certain yoga postures and poses that help you move your energy in new patterns, helping you to break various patterns within that translate into unhealthy patterns and lifestyles.

Now, the fourth reason why weight loss programs often sputter is that you can begin with a lot of energy. You are very inspired and you can sprint for a period of time and then you lose steam and you’re not able to sustain your program. Now, in terms of Kundalini Yoga or Chakra theory, the third Chakra is where you need to work in order to build character and willpower. Building this character and willpower is absolutely essential if you’re going to be able to sustain the program that you have set out to do and establish a long-term routine. That is when you have maximum benefits, both in terms of your weight loss goals, as well as all the other benefits that we know that meditation and Yoga bestow upon you. So, building your character and willpower are absolutely essential for a long term healthy weight loss program.

And finally, what you want to achieve in your life is a full life, a meaningful life, a life lived with passion and a healthy life. Not all of that is only possible if you have discovered within what it is your true passions are and discovered the strength and courage to live them. Eating excessively or whether it be turning to drinks or drugs or other forms of superficial entertainment simply to be able to pass time is a very compromised way in my view of living this unique life that you have been gifted. Really do not want to waste this opportunity. You want to make the most out of this very special opportunity that you have as a human being. So, turning to food as the option so that you feel somewhat pleasured for a period of time and then returning to the dullness of your life is no way to spend your time here on this wonderful planet and Yoga and meditation and Pranayama are definitely the sciences that can help you live a meaningful life, help you discover your true talents, help you live a passionate life, and help you be healthy and fit.

So please go ahead, explore the links below in the information section, or in the article on the blog, I will provide the links as well as I upload this video to the blog and find what it is that you require at this time. So, you can begin or sustain your weight loss program. And I wish you an absolute success in this endeavor of yours.

Thank you everybody. God bless you all.


So if weight loss is your objective or New Year’s resolution, be sure to incorporate Yoga into your program.  With Yoga by your side, you will succeed!

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