Rapid Growth of the Yoga Classes

Accelerating Interest & Rapid Growth of the Yoga Classes Without Advertising

Silent Mind Meditation & Yoga Center:  New Jersey Yoga & Meditation Classes

The Silent Mind Meditation & Yoga Center is evolving fast.  This past weekend when the original students arrived for their Classes they noticed the changes immediately.  Where before we had simple sign in sheets, we now have class rosters, where before I had to remember announcements (which is not my strong suit :-), we now have a board for this and other information.  Along with this, other improvements, both, visible and behind the scene were also implemented and continue to be implemented as we speak.  This is all being driven by the accelerating demand and interest for the Yoga & Meditation Classes.  Simply put, I can’t keep up with all the emails, phone calls and letters (yes good old snail mail :-) that I receive expressing interest in the classes.  If I don’t get organized, I will end up with classes that are way overfull and other unpleasant messes.  I am very happy that the center is growing vibrant and strong.

Rapid Growth of the Yoga Classes

When I was taking my Teacher’s Training course with Ravi Singh, he had a class devoted on how to set-up and run a Yoga Center.  In it he mentioned something very interesting which has since stuck in my mind.  He said that his teacher Yogi Bhajan told his students that when they set up their Yoga Centers they did not need to advertise.  Ravi of course mentioned this to us, but, at the same time smiled and said he recommends that we most certainly advertise.  I mention this now because I was thinking about advertising my classes, but, each week as I get more and more students I am wondering if there is any need to.  Wondering if Yogi Bhajan knew something we didn’t.  I, of course, have the Mastery of Meditation Website and I have listed the Silent Mind Meditation & Yoga Center here and there, but that’s about all I have done.  Nothing more and certainly nothing that I have had to pay for.

The students were mentioning the various ways they came upon the Silent Mind Meditation Center, with some manifesting it using the power of their intention and the law of attraction, others finding it with a simple click on google and many through word of mouth.  This momentum feeds on itself.  More students benefiting and happy with the class, recommend it to those they care about, who then carry the message to others, which is creating this exponential affect.  I want to thank all my students for these recommendations they have made and for the rapid success of the Yoga Center.  This center belongs to them.  Ultimately, they will shape its future with their energy, mind and participation.  As long as I have their support, I doubt I will ever need to advertise.

As promised to the new students in the classes, below are the links to the sets we did in the Beginner’s Kundalini Yoga class, which are online on this website.  The Sunday Kundalini Yoga class students are now doing tougher sets which I have not uploaded to the website yet.  In fact they are doing one of my teacher’s favorite Kriyas’ — The Warrior Workout.  I do plan to putting these more advanced sets on the website as well, so that they can also be available to those who are practicing on their own using the Free Online Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Classes – click here.

Below are the Links to the various Pranayama Exercises, Kriyas & Meditations we did in the Beginner’s Kundalini Yoga Class and the Gentle Yoga & Meditation Class.  Please continue to practice on your own and develop your home Yoga & Meditation Program so that you can maximize the benefits bestowed by these profound sciences.

3 Step Rhythmic Breathing (3srb) Master Pranayama Set:

Breath of Fire Breathing Exercise

Spinal Warm-up Kundalini yoga Exercises

Morning Wakeup Kundalini Yoga Exercises

Zazen: Zen Meditation Technique (Breath Meditation)

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  1. Carol Bosco-Collins
    Carol Bosco-Collins says:

    Do you offer classes in NJ. If so can you send all the info. I don’t know if I have information overload because for the life of me I can not find the information myself on your website. Please help.
    Thank you and have a blessed day.


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