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Yoga & Meditation Classes Getting Great Response

On Thursday we held the make-up Yoga & Meditation Class, since the coming classes this Sunday were cancelled as I will be on vacation.  I must say I was very happy with the response I received given the short notice regarding this make up class.  We had a nice collection of students who participated sincerely making the class a great experience for all.  We learned Breath of Fire, Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Body Locks (Bandhas), Pantanjali’s 4 Step Rhythm Breathing With Music and then practiced our Zazen Meditation (Breath Meditation).  During these early stages we are

Yoga & Meditation

building up our system’s capacity to deal with the greater flow of energy (Kundalini / Chi / Prana) and are also working on building our mind and willpower so that we can move towards practicing advanced Insight Meditations (Jyana Yoga / Advaita Vendanta / Zen Negation) in the coming future.  During the Question – Answer (Satsang) period afterwards we discussed correct posture, the purpose of body locks and pressure in Ajna chakra (3rd Eye) among other interesting topics.  The feedback I have been receiving from the classes has been very positive and I envision the Silent Mind Yoga & Meditation Center growing significantly in the near future.  Thanks to all of you who are making this a reality.

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