Most Popular Beginner Kundalini Yoga

Most Popular Beginner Kundalini Yoga Set Video

Free Beginner Yoga Exercises Video

Beginner Kundalini Yoga Video

This beginner kundalini yoga set, called the Morning Wake-up Yoga Exercises, is quite possibly the favorite set for beginning yoga practitioners.  Don’t interpret that to mean that this set is light on benefits, because on the contrary, this is the yoga set for which I also receive the most positive feedback for.  You can read some of the readers’ comments on this set in the article, True Success Stories of the Benefits of Kundalini Yoga.

This yoga video will be the third entry of the Free Online Yoga Video series, and the set is described in detail in the chapter Yoga Positions for Beginners for Daily Practice, from the Online Kundalini Yoga Sets E-Book.

This is an excellent set for those just starting out with yoga.  It encompasses exercises that cover many of the important areas that kundalini yoga indicates should be worked on on a daily basis.  In addition, this is a compact, short set that does not require much time to do.  Finally, the positions used in this set are generally easy to do, and the slightly difficult one’s have nice modifications which offer similar benefits.

Most Popular Beginner Kundalini Yoga

The entire set is done with the Breath of Fire Breathing Exercise, but feel free to take a break from the Breath of Fire, if it gets too much and just continue to do the exercises with normal breathing instead.  Also, the exercises are supposed to be done without taking a break in between, but the same rule applies as above.  Take a break as needed.  Use the following articles to guide you in your yoga practice.

Essential Beginners Guide to Yoga Practice

10 Important Guidelines for Kundalini Yoga Practice

Benefits of Beginner Kundalini Yoga Exercises Set:

  • Opens the solar plexus and clears emotional garbage to promote emotional balance.
  • Opens up and promotes flexibility in the hips.
  • Tones the arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles.
  • Excellent yoga set for your respiratory, immune, nervous and digestive systems.
  • Builds your aura and magnetic field.
  • Improves your charisma, magnetism and confidence.
  • Strengthens your back.

Beginner Kundalini Yoga Exercises Video Contents:

  • Demonstration of each yoga exercise.
  • Demonstration of modifications for the difficult yoga poses.
  • Demonstration of the Breath of Fire Yoga Pranayama, which is used by the exercises in this video.
  • Overview and importance of this yoga set.
  • Practice tips and hints for each of the exercises.

Beginner Yoga Exercises Video

(Kundalini Yoga Morning Wake-up Series)

Free Online Yoga Video #3



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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Thank you so much for a great site that continues to benefit me. Would you please advise on yoga/breathing exercise to release powerlessness from childhood abuse. Best to your family. Thank you.

  2. Elvia
    Elvia says:

    Hi Anmol,

    I have been doing something similar to the the first exercise (yoga rolling?) in the video but just realized that I was doing my breathing all wrong! Thank you for all the free stuff you offer. Great site!


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