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In this article, I am happy to present a video demonstration of the Core Abdominal Power Yoga Set, from the Online Kundalini Yoga Workouts E-Book. This will be the second video of our Free Online Yoga Video series.

This yoga set is excellent for toning, strengthening and developing washboard like abs, but that is really just a byproduct of the real purpose of this set.  This kundalini yoga workout is designed to build and refine your core energy and power.  The chakra (energy center) which is relentlessly targeted by this workout is the Third Chakra, also called the Manipura chakra or Navel Chakra.

Kundalini yoga recommends building up the Third Chakra first, when you start your yoga practice.  This is for the following two important reasons.  First, the Navel Chakra is responsible for your willpower and strength of character, which are essential attributes if you are to commit to and thus, benefit from a long term yoga practice.

Excellent Yoga Exercise

Second, this region is the power house for the energy which runs your body, thus it needs to be in tip top shape so that you can live your life at your highest potential.  But, if you don’t really care about all that and just want ripped six pack abs, no worries they are delivered by this set as well :-D.

Here is how this yoga set challenges and develops the abdominal muscles.  The indicated exercises bring pressure to the abdominal muscles from multiple angles and directions, which helps target the entire abdominal region.  Thus, not only are the upper and lower abdominals toned (to give you the vaunted six pack), but also the obliques along the sides of the abdominals are strengthened.  This set contains some of the best yoga exercises for building strong, defined abs.

Summary of Benefits of Core Abdominal Yoga Workout:

  • Opens and balances the Navel Chakra, thus promoting willpower and strength of character.
  • Helps build ripped, washboard like abs.
  • Dramatically increases energy.
  • Excellent yoga set for the digestive system.
  • Builds balance and mental focus.
  • Opens up and promotes flexibility in the hips.
  • Helps trim the waistline.
  • Good for the endocrine, nervous and respiratory systems.

Core & Ripped Abs Yoga Workout Video Contents:

You can of course get all the details for this set in the related article (Core Abdominal Power Yoga Set), and here is what this video also covers.

  • Demonstration of each yoga exercise.
  • Demonstration of modifications for difficult exercises for beginner yogis.
  • Demonstration of the Breath of Fire Yoga Pranayama, which is used by the exercises in this video.
  • Overview and importance of this yoga set.
  • Practice tips and hints for each of the exercises.

Core & Six Pack Abs Yoga Exercises Video

Free Online Yoga Video #2



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    I’m a big fan of working multiple muscles at the same time to build strength, work on stability and burn more calories during your workout. When it comes to your abs, there are a number of great exercises and tools you can use to strengthen your core with more dynamic moves. One of the best ab tools you can invest in is an exercise ball which can be used for a variety of moves like the ones featured in this core workout. Because you must stabilize your body on the ball, you use more muscle groups than traditional ab exercises.


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