Survey: What Type of Meditation Do You Practice?

We have been learning a great deal about the meditation practices of our fellow practitioners by running these fun surveys on Mastery of Meditation and in today’s survey I would like to dig deeper into the type of meditation that you all have been practicing. So far we have learned that most all the readers of this blog meditate regularly and also many have been enjoying the vast benefits of meditation, so now lets learn about which types of meditation have been working for you.

Although there are many many types of meditation, all of which I tried to touch upon in the article, The Comprehensive Guide to the World of Meditation, for this survey I have tried to list some of the ones which are most popular and widespread.

Just to clarify the choices below, the Chakra/Kundalini category is any type of meditation dealing with trying to open the Chakras or awaken Kundalini.  This would include any concentration techniques, breath techniques, movements, mantra etc, which are focused on opening and balancing the Chakras.

For the Mind/Intelligence techniques, include any Advaita Vedanta (Who Am I) meditations, or other insight meditation techniques such as Zen Koan’s or the Silent Mind Meditation Technique.  For Mantra Meditation, include prayer or other chanting. 

If you do answer "Other", I would love to hear, in the comments section, which type of meditation you are practicing and how well it is working for you.  I think we will all benefit from this sharing of information.

Also, of course if you have not started a meditation practice yet, but would like to learn, here are 2 nice free resources for you available on Mastery of Meditation:

How to Meditation | Beginner’s Meditation Class
Free Online Guided Meditation Techniques E-Book

Please do participate, all answers are of course anonymous.  Thank-you.

1. What Type of Meditation Do You Practice?



(Results are now published in the following article: Zen Buddhist Meditation Technique Wins Survey).

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14 replies
  1. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hi La Vonne,

    I am doing well, had a very busy summer, but things are settling down now a bit. I just turned 41 this past August :-D.

    Yes Kundalini Yoga is fine to do, as is Hatha Yoga, specially if the condition is mild. I have found yoga to be very helpful for some similar back issues I had.

    Good to hear from you always.


  2. Find yourself with a smile...
    Find yourself with a smile... says:

    I answered Awareness, because it seems to me that some level of this is required for any meditation, and zen/vipassana meditations have made up the bulk of my practice.

    I have frequently played with kundalini, chakra, and other energy meditations.

    I also frequently work with a variety of affirmation/mantra meditations (when you know what a mantra means, it has the same neurological effect as an affirmation repeated over and over again).

    I also enjoy Buddhist Metta meditations as well as Taoist smiling meditations.

    I love playing… when I get a new toy, I have to try it out. This is what has lead me from the occasional Zen and guided visualization (where I started) to the current chaotic mesh of different traditions that I now practice.

    The more I play, the more I learn, the more I continue to explore…;^)

    keep smiling,


  3. La Vonne St Clair
    La Vonne St Clair says:

    Hi Anmol, how are you? I have a question for you about my daughter. She is 17 and has been told by her doctor she has a mild form of scoliosis. Is kundalini yoga safe for her to do or would another kind of yoga be better? Thank you, La Vonne.

  4. Anmol Mehta
    Anmol Mehta says:

    Hey Sherzad/Chris/Martin,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your meditation techniques with us. It is great to learn about all the variety that exists within this wonderful field.

    My core meditation practice is a combination of Zazen, followed by the Silent Mind Meditation Technique. You can read about the insights that occur in these sessions in the series Insights from Advanced Meditation.

    Will share more of my practice techniques with you all as well in the near future.


  5. Martin
    Martin says:

    I do a form of Qigong called Zhan Zhuang aka Standing Meditation. It can be easily likened to Zazen and as a matter of fact in Japanese it’s called RitsuZen.

  6. Chris C
    Chris C says:

    Hello Anmol,

    I do SCK, chanting and also sometimes visualization meditation but I put my vote under the chanting meditation section (this is my #1 priority)

    How about you, what kind of meditations do you do and for how long? Please do share more about your experiences :)

    By the way, I love your website!

    Sat Naam

  7. Sherzad
    Sherzad says:

    At present I use both breath techniques and mantra and therefore I have marked the chakra/kundalini meditation. I would also like to mention a visualisation meditation which I use at times. I visualise the attributes of God flowing into me as a white light. e.g. God’s love is flowing into me. God’s Peace is flowing into me…..etc. I visualise being flooded in a white light. I would like to mention that during this meditation I had an out of body experience. This happened in a very short span of time after I first took up meditation.
    Once again thank you for this wonderful and informative site. God Bless.


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