Embrace Reality

Embrace Reality and Let the Universe Fulfill Your Desires

Law of Attraction and Intention Manifestation

As the PATH train pulled up to the Newark NJ Penn Station platform, the customary mad rush to the doorways began.  Everyone deadly focused on trying to be the first one in and winning a prized edge seat if possible.  I, though, did not have to join the stampede as luck was on my side and I found myself only a few feet from the doorway-to-blissful-seating as the train came to a halt.  Then the real fun began. 

A small man, probably in his fifties, was definitely a veteran of this commute.  I will call him Mr. Fiesty.  He shuffled and maneuvered his way right to the center of the doors and stood firm with his nose barely inches away from the entrance.  His feet were placed just right too, like an Olympic Sprinter on the blocks and he was ready to race to the gold medal seat.  On his right side was me and on his left side was a gentleman, who was giving a lively running commentary on everything that was happening.  I will call him Mr. Commentator.  Behind us was the rest of the herd, their hearts burning with jealousy or course.

Embrace Reality

“The other side doors will open first, you know,”  Mr. Commentator said.  “They always screw us like that.”  He was right about that.  The PATH train had a platform on both sides and the other side did always open first.  The crowd sadly nodded in agreement. 

We all waited for the gun to sound.  We waited and waited and waited.  None of the doors on either side opened!  “Man, this train is already late.  It should have left the platform by now,”  Mr. Commentator exclaimed getting antsy.  By now, the seat configuration visible through the windows had been examined, the crowd configuration around the doors had been evaluated and a strategy giving the best chance of capturing a seat had been formed by everyone.  We were all just waiting for a chance to test our master plan.  “Man, I am telling you we are going to get robbed!”  Mr. Commentator continued.  Each crowd around each door looked at each other.  All worried that their car was the only one with stuck doors or out of service, which would mean no chance at all of getting a seat.  Thankfully no doors had opened, until….

The car in front of us, the first car of the train opened its doors.  The crowd there spilled in and there was a sigh of disappointment from all around me.  “God Damn it!”  We know who said that.  But all was not so bad, as the crowd gathered on the other side of the platform for our car headed over to the first car.  This was great, it meant we did not have to compete with them for seats, and there would be more for us… boy was I wrong.  You see the PATH train cars are all inter-connected and as the first car got full, the passengers started to come into our car and take OUR seats!!!  You can imagine Mr. Commentator now.  I can’t write all that he said but let me tell you it was not pleasant.  Each seat that was stolen provoked an expletive.  Each seat that was stolen was like a punch in the gut, the sickness was felt by all.  I looked around and noticed that the other car doors still had crowds so at least it was not the worst case scenario where we just had the lemon car.

“I Know it,” Mr. Commentator lamented, “As soon as I leave, these doors will open.  I know it, you will see.”  But, finally unable to bear the loss of his seats, he and most others moved to the open doorways of the first car.  I stood firm though, letting life play itself out.  Accepting what she gives, not trying excessively to manipulate reality.  My doors did… not open.  Obviously, the first car was now full as I saw Mr. Commentator and Mr. Fiesty enter my car and then… continue on to the next car!  You see they had calculated that the crowds entering car 2 from car 1 had taken the gold medal edge seats and even occupied the decent silver medal seats, but that car 3 would be empty with gold medal seats in abundance.  Mr. Commentary was full of joy and relief as he swiftly passed me and my closed doors.  Thankfully for him, his premonition had not come true when he left for the open doors of car 1.  The veteran Mr. Fiesty, still deadly focused, was hot on his trails as they rushed into the connecting section between the 2 cars.  At that instant all the doors opened!!!

I found a bronze medal seat.  It was really not bad.  I did not have to do shoulder combat, elbow combat or outer thigh combat and was able to sit very comfortably.  Just then the inter-connecting doors of my car slammed back open and back in raced the Mr. Fiesty.  There was only one more seat left, bronze medal quality of course, but a seat nevertheless and he immediately attacked it and sat down.  He must have won every Musical Chair competition he entered.  You know who was right behind him don’t you.  Yes it was a fuming Mr. Commentator.  He rushed back into car 2 as well, but… too late.  I looked across at Mr. Fiesty and man he was engaged in a furious shoulder war.  He had got the last seat in the car and, as expected, it was between 2 giants. I don’t think they even felt his shoulder blows, or saw his aggressive scowls.  In any case, there was nothing they could do as they were just big and needed the space.  I looked up at Mr. Commentator, he was laughing, but, was certainly not happy.  “I got screwed,” he kept repeating loudly.

Just then another gentleman entered our car through the inter-connect doors and had to squeeze past the very unhappy Mr. Commentator.  “What are you staring at!”  Mr. Commentator yelled.  “I think you look a Uni-bomber,” he continued.  The alarmed gentleman moved on, not sure what had so upset Mr. Commentator.  I knew.  He failed to relax in the face of a small storm and tried to manipulate life instead.  To make matters worse, at the end, he also got too greedy.

Moral of the story, Relax and try be at Ease with Reality.  No matter what life throws your way, see if you can say That’s OK, No Problem and not be too disturbed.  I have 5 principles I live by and this is principle Numero Uno, Number 1.  Staying relaxed and accepting reality and life as it unfolds as best I can.  All around everyone is trying to constantly manipulate things.  Force it to mold into how they think it ought to be, so they can eventually extract some small pleasure from it.  In this never ending pursuit of creating favorable selfish scenarios, they are endlessly stressed out and easily upset.  Expand your mind, just tell life, “I am ready for the adventures and challenges that you see fit for me, lets boggie.”  Then you and life start to dance together, rather than be in conflict.  Then all sorts of things open up and come your way.  You develop a deep trust and love for the Universe and she reciprocates and takes care of you, fulfilling your desires.

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  1. Karen Koontz
    Karen Koontz says:

    Absolutely adorable! I am going to use your affirmation to the Universe and see what unfolds…thank you!!!

  2. Preeti
    Preeti says:

    Hi Anmol,
    I stumbled across your website a few months ago and have been hooked eversince. I make an effort to read atleast one article from your blog/journal everyday (and i have subsrcibed to your newsletter) becasue they are so beautifully written and the message in them is simple yet so profoud. You are really living up to your name – Anmol = Priceless! Please let these priceless pearls of wisdom and truth flowing!

  3. Preeti
    Preeti says:

    We search all our lives for that ideal partner, and you said it so simply thru this story, that the only partner you need in life is life itself….”…you and life start to dance together” Loved this phrase! Attention gripping article, with a beautiful message about life.


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