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Test Your Core Strength with Yoga Plank Pose

Do you think you have strong abs?  Are you ready to measure your core fitness?  Well let’s find out today if indeed your abdominal muscles and core are up to snuff.  One of the best ways to determine this is by how long you can hold Yoga Plank Pose.

To do this test, we will use a variation of Plank Pose, which was introduced earlier in the following article – Yoga Plank Pose for Upper Body.  In this variation we will rest on bent elbows, instead of straight arms, so the emphasis will be less on your arm strength and more on your core and abdominal strength.

So join me in doing Plank Pose in the YouTube video below and let us see if we can hold the pose together for 1 minute. Being able to do so, is a good indication of your core fitness level.  Can you pass the test :-)?

This variation of Plank Pose will also be added to the 2 free online collections: Free Hatha Yoga Poses & Online Kundalini Yoga Exercises.

plank pose

In this video I will demonstrate how to do Plank Pose and suggest some variations of the pose as well.  Remember that Plank Pose is not just great for toning your abs, it is also excellent to combat lower back pain and it builds your nervous system.  So join me in doing this excellent exercise and let’s see if you can challenge yourself to hold the pose for 1 minute.  Good Luck :-) .

Plank Pose Challenge for Core Strength

Direct YouTube Plank Pose Challenge Link

Could you do it…. let us know in the comments below…. ?

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