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Yesterday, we ran an interesting survey on the page, where we asked everyone the question, “What is the Best Advice You Have Ever Got?”  We got some great responses which I thought would be beneficial to share with all of you as well.

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For my part, the best advice I ever got was the teaching from J. Krishnamurti which instructed that one should not settle for anything but the Highest in life.  This simple piece of advice has been instrumental in inspiring me on my own journey and has always reminded me not to settle for anything less that the Ultimate Truth itself.

This advice is analogous to the following wonderful Buddha quote, “There are only 2 mistakes you can make in life.  First mistake is not to take the first step and the second is that having taken the first step to not go all the way.”  Here again the advice is to reach for the very highest in life.  Reach for enlightenment.

Below there are other great pieces of advice from various friends. Some that stand out to me are the following…

Miz Bell advises, “Live like you are dying.”

Diana Hernandez advises “Never stop being you.”

Terry Lee Lawrence advises, “The body is a vehicle, the mind is the motor but it is the soul that is the driver!”

Thomas Martin advises, “Do not delay your spiritual practice. Start today.”

Best advice you ever got responses:

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Best Advice You Ever Got Summary

The above thread is still very much alive and active, so if you would like to contribute, please head on over to the Mastery of Meditation and Yoga Fan Page and chime in.  Of course, the comments section of this blog is always to open to you as well, so if you have received some advice which has helped you in your life, do share that with us.  Such pearls of wisdom are often the catalysts for great transformations, and by sharing them you could be the source of that catalyst for another.

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  1. Prem
    Prem says:

    My school motto was “Altiora Peto” which means seek for higher things. For me as well, it has been my inspiration in life to make my best better.

    Thank you for such a beautiful web site and blog. May all the highest and est things be bestowed to you. You deserve every bit of it.


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