Excellent Yoga Set

Excellent 30 Minute Yoga Set – Part 1

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The following yoga set provides a complete workout and works on all the major muscle groups and systems of the body to ensure good health, healing and well-being.  
In this article you will find part 1 of this set, which is comprised of 6 exercises and takes 20 minutes to complete.  I suggest you start with these 6 exercises and then add the exercises I provide in part 2 next week.

Excellent Yoga Set

Note that although I have given times below for each exercise, you should do as much as you are comfortable with and take breaks as and when needed. 
2 Minutes:
Start the set with doing 2 minutes of this excellent breathing exercise.  Kapalbhati has a wide range of benefits, which include improving your respiratory and digestive systems, and it is a great way to get your energy going at the beginning of a set.
Kapalbhati is done by expelling the air forcefully through the nose and allowing a passive inhalation following that.  The stomach is pulled in sharply during the exhalation phase.  Video instruction in included in the article – How to do Kapalbhati Pranayama.
3 Minutes:
Now move onto Anuloma Viloma Pranayama for 3 minutes. This breathing exercise is great for promoting a calm, smooth, peaceful mind which is great for practicing yoga and meditation.  Try to do this exercise with full awareness.  

In Anuloma Viloma, you will breathe through one nostril, exhale through the other, then breathe through it, and exhale through the original nostril.  Use your fingers to pinch a nostril closed as required by the pattern above.  

For video instructions and advanced versions you can visit the full article – Anuloma Viloma Pranayama.  

For both Kapalbhati and Anumla Viloma you can use the basic seated pose below.  If you are not able to sit cross legged (or Burmese Style as shown below), then you can sit upright on a chair as well.

Basic Pranayama Pose


2 Minutes:
Next it is time to get the body moving an important region to limber up initially is the neck. So for the next 2 minute do these Simple Neck Exercises.
To do these excises turn your neck right, then left, up and then down.  Holding each position for 15 seconds.  Do 2 full rounds.


10 Minutes:
If you were not able to dedicate even 30 minutes for your yoga practice and came to me to ask, if I can do just 10 minutes of yoga a day, what should I practice?  I would tell you to do Surya Namaskar daily.
This is a great sequence and it works on many of the essential aspects of your body and systems.  It is also a great routine for promoting weight loss and strengthening your entire body.  Do this routine repeatedly for 10 minutes.  Take breaks as needed.
You will find many more details and variations for Surya Namaskar here.  But to get started the illustration below shows you the sequence step by step.
2 Minutes:
There are 3 things to keep in mind with regard to working on your core abdominal strength.  First, its very good for you both energetically and aesthetically.  Second, you should do some abdominal work everyday.  And finally, it is good to change up the abdominal exercise you are doing from time to time.
So to start with, I suggest the double leg lifts.  From there every week or two I suggest switching to another abdominal exercise for maximum benefit.  Do this or other exercise for 2 minutes.
For double leg lifts simply raise your legs to 90 degrees and then lower them slowly back down.
The following article details the double leg lift and also has other great ab exercises to choose from for your change up – Yoga Ab Exercises to Shape Stomach.
Starting Position
Ending Position
1 Minute:
The next pose to do is a very good inverted yoga pose.  It is the Should Stand.  This pose is not just good for brain fitness, but is also good for your heart and immune system.  In addition, it is beneficial for the thyroid gland and for promoting peace within.
Come into this pose carefully, do not overdo it and hold it for 1 minute if possible.
Shoulder Stand
Stay tuned for part 2 of this set in the next newsletter.  There I will provide the exercises and poses that comprise the remaining 10 minutes of this set.

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